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International Federation of Yoga Professionals

(RZ-193 RD Block, Dharampura Extn. Nazafgarh, New Delhi 110043)
Origin & Background:
International Federation of Yoga Professionals is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) having Head Quarters in New Delhi. First All India Yoga Professionals Meet was conducted on 10th & 11th September, 2016 at Mahatma Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi. Distinguished members from Ministry of Ayush, ICCR, QCI were present in the event. With the consensus of majority of the Yoga Professionals, IFYP was founded and later was registered as NGO on 19.10.2016.

The primary objective of IFYP is to promote and propagate Yoga at the grassroots level throughout India and subsequently at International level. Other objectives are as under:
➢ To engage in promotion, and propagation of Yoga at the grassroots level at National and International levels. To provide training and guidance in the
field of Yoga.
➢ To bring uniformity among Yoga Professionals trained from various schools of Yoga by encouraging, training and guiding to qualify the Voluntary Yoga Certification.
➢ To bring Yoga Professionals under one forum for a common noble cause. 
➢ To provide membership and guidance to Various NGO’s, voluntary organisations & other Autonomous bodies interested to spread Yoga.
➢ To hold conferences, seminars, workshops, camps and public meetings to propagate information and knowledge of Yoga, its various benefits at the
mental, physical and spiritual level.
➢ To facilitate clinical researches in the discipline of Yoga.
➢ To liaise with Ministry of Ayush, ICCR, State Governments in order to promote the Government Policies and Schemes.
➢ To coordinate with Yoga Institutions in India and other countries for spreading Yoga.

IFYP has brought hundreds of Yoga Professionals from across the country, who were scattered over several groups, under one umbrella. This has united
likeminded Yoga Teachers and Professionals to work on a common platform to achieve their goals. IFYP branches operate from major States in India and we have overseas branches at Argentina and Kenya. Efforts are on to open several branches abroad. IFYP has coordinated with QCI and PrCBs and conducted many exams at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Latur, Nasik etc. As a result of IFYP’s campaign the registrations for QCI certification swelled from 10,000 to more than 30,000. Many of the Yoga Professionals associated with IFYP have been recruited and sent as Cultural Ambassadors to various countries by ICCR. In the 18 months period, 3 National and 1 International Seminars related to Yoga and Health have been conducted wherein eminent personalities including MDs from AIIMS and Chairman, Medical Council of India have participated and presented their research papers. International Yoga Day, 2017 has been celebrated by organizing various events across India with the selfless efforts our office bearers and members. On the occasion of Swami Vivekanand Jayanthi, Surya Namaskar was conducted in 30 schools at Indore involving 3500 students. Another major achievement is conducting ‘Yoga Awareness Mission’ with ‘Rajasthan State Child Rights Protection Commission’. Camps were conducted by 20 Yoga teachers spanning 25 days in 5 cities covering 70,000 students and 3500 faculty members State Level Yoga Professionals meets were conducted at Mumbai, Lucknow and Jaipur wherein a large number of members turned out and made the events a great success.IFYP has actively participated in the Yoga Fest conducted by MDNIY & Patanjali Yogpeeth, Lucknow, Arogya Mela, Indore, Hingalganj, W.B and several other festivals. 108 Surya Namaskar Program was conducted at Ahmedabad, Gujarat where hundreds of participants performed 108 Surya Namaskars at the Riverfront Park. CM, Gujarat appreciated the efforts through a personal letter. With its tireless efforts of hundreds of members who work selfless to promote Yoga, ‘Brand IFYP’ has become a force to reckon with in the field of Yoga and has earned respect and recognition among the Yoga Professionals, Teachers and Institutions. A new initiative ‘Yoga at Workplace’ has been launched which is aimed at addressing and tackling the problems faced by employees due to Occupational Health Hazards. We have started conducting Yoga sessions in the corporate sector to create awareness among employees and motivate them to adopt and practice Yoga for physical, mental and spiritual well being.

International Federation of Yoga Professionals

IFYP Affiliation Process / Rules/ Norms:
  • Definitions in Rules & Regulations:
a) “Affiliation” means formal enrollment of Yoga Studio/Institution/NGO/Hospital/Naturopathy & Health Centres etc.
b) “Centre” means Yoga Studio/Institution/NGO/Hospital/Naturopathy & Health Centres etc.
c) “Affiliation Committee” means Affiliation Committee of the Federation.
d) “Federation” means the International Federation of Yoga Professionals (IFYP).
e) “President” means the President of IFYP
f) “Secretary” means the General Secretary of IFYP
g) “Central Committee” means Board of Trustees of IFYP.
h) “Extension” means extension of Provisional / Regular affiliation granted to the Institutions / Centers by IFYP.
i) “Affiliation Donation” means charges payable by the Institutions/Centers to IFYP in connection with affiliation.
j) “State Committee” means the committee formed by the Central Committee at the State Level to manage Affiliation Centres.

  • Following types of Institutes / Centers are eligible for affiliation with
International Federation of Yoga Professionals (IFYP):
1. Yoga Studios, Health Centres or Institutes associated with Yoga / Naturopathy/Health etc.
2. Yoga / Health Centres managed by NGOs /Trusts /Societies/Companies
3. Hospitals and Nursing Homes where Yoga is practised as a therapy.
  • Norms for Affiliation:
1. Federation may affiliate several categories of Institutes / Centres all over India
and abroad.
2. Affiliation approval shall be granted after the screening of documents
submitted by the applicant and Approval by the Central Committee.
3. Compliance of all the norms shall be studied by the Central Committee and
accordingly approval may be granted for Affiliation.
4. Yoga Centres / NGOs / Trusts / Hospitals / Institutions have to apply on
standard application format provided with this booklet or online by paying Rs.
250/- as application amount.
5. Yoga Centres / NGO's / Trust / Hospitals / Institutions must be registered with
State /Central Government Department/ Agencies.

List of Documents to be submitted:
a) Application duly filled along with an application amount of Rs. 250/-
b) Registration Certificate.
c) PAN Card
d) Aadhar Card
e) Bio-data of Head of the Centre
f) NOC to be obtained for affiliation with the Federation from Partners in case of
Partnership Firms.
g) All documents should be signed by the authorized signatory.
5. Facilities required at the Centres for affiliation:
a. Minimum 300 Sq.ft of area (approx.)
b. Desk Top or Laptop with Internet connectivity
c. Hygienic Drinking Water provision
d. Toilet Facility
e. Neat, Clean & Environmental friendly ambience
f. Availability of Certified Yoga Teacher or Yoga Teacher with minimum 2 years of
experience in teaching Yoga
g. All State/Central Government norms for running the centre to be complied

  • Affiliation with IFYP:
Those Centres which fulfil the essential conditions of the Affiliation Rule
  • Benefits and Support for Affiliated Centres:
a. A Certificate of Affiliation with Code Number shall be issued.
b. Technical / planning / sponsorship for organizing Training/ Seminar/Public
welfare programme related to Yoga shall be offered.
c. Affiliated organisation shall get information; guidance & support for getting
State/Central Govt funded programme/ Projects.
d. Information on researches conduction on Yoga will be shared.
e. IFYP shall provide information about National & International Yoga events,
organised by Central/ State Governments or by other .
f. IFYP will promote affiliates centers at different levels.

Region wise e-mail addresses are given below for communications:
Website: www.ifyp.co.in

  For Affiliation Booklet click here