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International Federation of Yoga Professionals is  non-profit organization that relies on donations to make yoga accessible to all. Program sponsorship and proceeds go towards furthering our efforts to create accessible yoga by providing free yoga classes in our community parks, which allows every individual an opportunity to practice in their community regardless of their ability to pay. Also to help poor students who willfully wants to training/coaching to do best for country from their side..

How To Donate

If you believe in our cause and would like to support our mission with a monetary donation, please donate below. 100% of every Rupees donated goes directly to program costs and to pay our teachers so that they may be able to share their love of yoga. Your gift may be tax deductible!

Account Details :

International Federation of Yoga Professionals
A/C No. 36231993566
State Bank of India
Branch: ADB Najafgarh
Branch Code:1419
IFSE Code: SBIN0001419